Modern Paint Scheme Model Bus - Deluxe Version

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For ages 14 and up. Sold as a collectible - not suitable for children. Contains many fragile parts.

1/87 HO scale, museum-quality replica bus featuring the "Modern" paint scheme worn by these buses from the mid 1990's until retirement in 2012.

Rapido Trains performed a 3D scan of a preserved TTC "New Look" #8058 to guarantee 100% authenticity from tires to roof.
Size: 101mm L x 35mm H x 28mm w (4" x 1.39" x 1.1")

The "New Look" Bus was the face of North American public transit in the latter half of the 20th century, with over 45,000 built between 1959 and 1986. Everyone remembers the New Look, also known as the “Fishbowl” Bus. The TTC owned one of the largest fleets of New Look buses, and they remained in service until 2012.

Buses come with pre-printed destination signs for greater detail and authenticity. Destination signs include:

Bus #2281 - 52 Lawrence West
Bus #2345 - 95 York Mills    
Bus #2450 - 6 Bay    
Bus #2784 - 25 Don Mills    
Bus #2297 - Blank/No Sign    

Buses with blank signs are meant to be customized. Templates and artworks are available for download from Rapido's website under the Product Support section at

Deluxe Version features include:
- Interior lighting*
- Working headlights and tail lights*
- Illuminated front destination sign*
- Painted seat-back handrails
- Correct tubular profile
- Full interior including separate seats with seat-back handrails
- Etched-metal interior stanchions and stamped-metal handrail
- Steerable front wheels
- Rubber tires
- Printed "metal" window frames and windshield gaskets
- Three kinds of bumper (steel, water jug and rubber) installed as appropriate
- Optional Sinclair antenna, microwave antenna, and cellular/wifi antenna for the roof

* All lighting functions require a 9-12v power supply (not included)