New and improved TTC Shop has something for everyone

New and improved TTC Shop has something for everyone

The TTC is introducing a new range of creative, transit-themed merchandise to its new online store that gives taking the TTC home a whole new meaning.

Featuring everything from mugs,  phone cases and shower curtains to fashionable wearables like shirts, socks and baby onesies, has an expanded inventory with something for everyone.

Working with Toronto-based SVS Marketing, the merchandise was designed and produced with quality and appearance at top of mind, with special emphasis on finding Canadian or locally produced merchandise Many major transit systems around the world offer branded merchandise. This is another step in the modernization of the TTC that meets a growing customer demand.

In addition to promoting the TTC as an integral part of Toronto for residents and visitors alike, the TTC assumes no financial risk in the venture and there is no cost to the TTC for establishing the venture. The TTC Shop is run by SVS, which will manage the inventory and fulfill orders with no up-front costs to the TTC.

The TTC retains all rights to its brand and all creative and product decisions. The TTC will receive sales revenue from the store that will be publicly reported annually.